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AfanasievA. I. On The Specificity Of An Object Humanities
Bogachenko V.V. Self-Identification As A Concept For Self-Organizing System Of Social Activity Subject
BorisovaTatiana Construction Of Methodological Picture Of The World As Philosophical Problem
Vornikov V. I. Convention And Tolerance In Basis Conventional In Society
Gotynyan-Zhuravlyova V.V. The System Parametrical Analyze Of Term “Classification”
Dobrolyubska The Ways Of Transformation Of History Education In Perspective Of Postmodernism
Efimenko S. A. Social And Historical Aspects Of The Study Of Civil Society In Classical And Modern Philosophy
Kravtsov Y. Communication Theory As An Intentionality Base Paradigm Of Social And Philosophical Knowledge
Kuzmin V.V. The Public Policy Career Development Genesis Of Student’s Youth At University Level
Lepinskaya V. O. Problem Formation In The Light Of Ukrainian Ethnos Philosophical Discourse Of Historical L. N. Gumilev
Muzichenko G.V. Formation Of The Institute Of Parliamentary Representation In European Countries Formed In Modern Times As A Result Of A Number Of The Bourgeois Revolutions And The Emergence Of Representative Bodies - Parliaments.
Naumkina S. M., Yablonska T. N. Methods Of Increase Of Efficiency Of Political Negotiations
Ostapenko I. G. «Homo Economicus» In The Context Of Methodological Analysis
Pavlovа V. Illegal Migrants As Participants And As Victims Of Organized Crime
Popova Anna The Problems Of Liberalism In The Context Of Global Transformations On The Beginning Of Xxi Century
Tikaeva Ju. I. Virtual – Images Multidimentional Social Reality
Tkachenko K. In Whatever Field Music Was Not Studied, Its Comprehension Of The Subject Is Always The Man.
Havkar Hussein The Philosophy Of Historical Development In The Scottish Enlightenment
Tsyra A.V. The Synergetic Base Of Innovative Activity In Sphereof High Technologies
Chujkova E.V. “Solaris” As Materialistic Theology And Anthropology Space By Point Of View Of Nooethics Ideas And Postmodern Practices