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Belsky  V.Y. K. D. Ushinsky And Philosophy Of Education In Russia
Blintsova Viktoria Social And Political Components Of E-Democracy Of The Information Age
Vornikov V. I. Social Multidimensional And Conventional Society
Ivanova O. S. Theoretical And Methodological Approches The Study Of The Formation Of Humanities And Technology Of The Elite
Кримец Феномен Власти Как Объект Социально–Философского Анализа
Mikhailova V.L. Epistemological Principles Of Comprehension Of Legal Conscience Essence And Content
Naumkina S. М. The Dichotomy Of Interaction Between State And Church In Modern Societies As A Measure Of Civility
Karanfilova E.V. Dialogism In The Context Of Studying The Modern System Of Education