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Alexentseva-Timchenko Kate New Trends In Building Methods Of Career
Ananeva  E. Problems And Prospects Classification Of Tolerance In Development Of Social Reality
Bakumenko R. I. Nаtional Consciousness In Terns Of Social-Political Change Ukrainian Society
Zamkova N. The Phenomenon Of “Cultural Racism” And Its Role In National Identity Formation
Karetnaya O. O. Education System As A Factor Of Social Mobility
КlymonchukV. J. Political Freedom: The Essence, Forms And Methods Of Scientific Definition Into Native Contemporary Political Science
Kononova Ya. Post­Humanitarian Perspective In Sociological Theorizing
Krasnozhon O. S. The Especially Of The Cross-Border Cooperation Of The Odessa Region On The Example Of The Euroregion "Lower Danube"
Krymets  L. V. Ukrainian Philosophy Is About The Power And Searches Of Ideal Framework Of Society
Lavrenov D. Financial And Industrial Groups As Subjects Of Political Lobbying In Ukraine
Маслов Yu. К. Evolution Of The Idea Of Solidarity As A Conceptual Basis For Performance Of Power System In Modern Europe
Naumkina S. M. A Role Of Rhetorical Art Is In The Verbal Culture Of Political Life
Osipova S. A. "Velvet Divorce" ­ Political Technology Of "Peaceful" Secession
Pоpоvа Yu. V. The System-Parametric Measuring Of Logical Conclusions’ Forms
Sarbash Kateryna Political Culture Conceptions Heuristic Potential At Analysing Ukrainian Hybrid Regime
Tykhonenko I. V. Threats To Pakistan’s Security As A Premise To Transformation Regional Security System In South Asia
Fedoruk S. D. The Resolution To The Ninth Article Of The Constitution Of Japan As The Way To The Recovering Of The Japanese  Militarization
Halapsis A.V. The West: Collapse Or Rebirth?
Chursinova Inna Political Management And Its Role In The Modern Society
Shepelenko I. P. The Phenomenon Of Social Potential In Sociological Studies Of A City