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Issue №2

E. Ananeva Principles Of Multiculturalism And Tolerance In The EducationSystem Of The Modern Poliethnic Community
Bagatsky E. V. International Players In Postwar Bosnia:Role Motivation Interests
Bedrak N. The Role Of The Political Representation In The Modern Political System
Kravets H. The Polyphonic Of Transformation Transformations Is On A Way To Democracy In Modern Political Space
Nick Kulachinsky United Kingdom Independence Party: The Fourth Political Party Of Power Or The Extremist Groupment
Tretyak V. Philosophical And Conceptual Structure Of The Research Of The National Consciousness
Karanfilova Е. V. Mechanisms Of Social Reproduction And Functioning Of Positive Deviance Are In Sociume
Kucheruk O.  A. Socio-Cultural Aspect Of Youth Subcultures
Lazarevа A. A. Socio-Philosophical Approaches To The Study Of Category "National Mentality"
Maslov Yu. К. Political And Legal Basis The Functioning Of Institution Of Presidency In Central And Eastern Europe
Muzychenko G.V. Mechanism Of Conquest Voter Support And Efficiency Of ItsConstituents During The Election Campaign In 2014 In Ukraine
Palazova T. Political Elite As Subject Of Political Process
Semchenko O. R. Extremal And Internak Factors Of Political Instability  Ukrainy
Skryl S. The Rule Of Law As A Principle That Regulates Of Political Institutions
Telelim I. Deviation Of The Ukrainian Political Process At The End Of Хх – On Beginning Of Ххi Item. : Its Causes