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Issue №1


Brodetskaya I. I. Deformation Of Vectors Integrity: From Creation To Consumerism
Bulanova-Duvalko L. The Concept Of Feminine In Existential Phenomenology
Emma Hansova, Galina Palamarsthuk The Systematic Conceptions Of The High Education In The Conditions Of Innovating Processes
Gedikova N. P. The Features Of Modern Ukrainian Society                                                   Transformation System
Gotynyan-Zhuravlyova V.V. The Analysis Of The Method For Constructing Classification Within The Parametrical Common System’s Theory
Polishchuk N. V., Mosievich A. S., Panchenko I. М. Philosophy Of Formation And Becoming Of Space Spiritual Outlook Of The Person Of The Future
Dydyshko I. I. Origins Of The Socio-Technical Pluralism In Understanding The Essence And Structure Of The Technical Reality And Technosphere
Kazakov M. A. Еpistemology And Dialectic: The Problem Search Criteria Verification Of Scientific Knowledge
Konoh M. S., Kravtsov Y. S. Социокультурные Основания Смены Парадигмы Правового Образования
Kucenko V. Y. The Ratio Of Individual And Social Principles In The Orthodox Asceticism (Example Hesychasm)
Litinskaya N. V. The Present Article Is Dedicated To The Problems Of How The Cinematograph Influences The

Development …

Palchinskaya M. Virtual Space Of Contemporary Society: New Paradigm Of Social Transformation
Rudakova I. The Conceptual Pattern Of Nationalism
Sakun A. B. The Ambivalence Of Modern Sociality In The Symbols Of Globalization
Surina G. The Historical Narrative Peculiarities
Adulo T. The Philosophical And Historical Comprehension Of Society: Can The Social Philosophy Solve This Problem?
Ustich S. I. The European Understanding Of This Term Means As Any Joint Actions, Aimed At The …
Cherepanova S. O. Problem Of Translation And Cognitive Experience Philosophy Of Education: Of Subject Of Culture
Chernega T. The Headline Of The Article:  Analysis Of Existing Worldview-Based Interpretations Of The Theory Of Anthropic Cosmological Principle
Chujkova E. V. Anthropological Measuring Of Nooethics Ideas: Search Of Nooethical Of "New Man". Gradation Of Characters: Passionair, Man Of Survival (Survivalist), "Solarisial Association", "Nooethics Man", Christian Image Man